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Boipeba is the right place for you if you are looking for a quiet beach vacation away from city stress, or if you are looking to get to know Bahian culture in a small friendly environment. 

sunset at beach

You can swim, snorkel, canoe into the mangroves, ride horses, hike, read or just wander around the village of Boipeba, meeting some of the kindest and warmest people found in Brazil, with their unique blend of African, Portuguese and local indigenous traditions. 

beach barracas

The Island of Boipeba is one of Brazil´s best kept secrets.  Located south of Bahia´s capital city of Salvador, Boipeba, with its difficult access, has successfully eliminated weekend tourists, preserving its abundant natural beauty and fragile mangrove ecosystem, along with its local cultural identity. 

annual festival

What makes Boipeba stand out from the other beach destinations up and down the magnificent Bahia coast is the solidity of its local culture.  You can enjoy the tropical sun lying on pristine beaches, swim in warm Atlantic waters, hike through the Atlantic forest or follow the trails around the coast, or simply interact with the local community of fishermen and their families – visiting homes, schools, enjoying soccer matches, etc.

local life



charming guestrooms

The Pousada Santa Clara is located right off the Boca da Barra beach, a 10-minute walk into town, where the Inferno River meets the Atlantic Ocean.   

lush gardens

  • 10 min walk to town
  • 12 spacious apartments
  • set in lush tropical garden
  • verandahs & hammocks
  • hot showers & minibar
  • free wifi

individual style

We have 12 spacious apartments, some are individual chalets, some with ocean views, all colorful, private and comfortable, set in a garden of lush tropical plants and flowers.  The rooms all have ceiling fans, verandas with hammocks, large bathrooms with hot showers, and frigobars.  Four rooms have air conditioning. 

11 spacious rooms

We have a massage space overlooking the ocean and a body therapist on call.  Our library, reading/game /social area is well stocked with interesting reading material.



outstanding restaurant

Visitors are pleasantly surprised by the high quality food served in our charming restaurant.   We serve a hearty breakfast daily, always with a variety of juices, fresh fruits, homemade cakes and local delicacies – copious enough to keep guests skipping a full lunch as they wait for the evening dinner menu. We are open daily, except Mondays, for dinner, for our guests as well as for the general public. 

  • hearty breakfasts daily
  • open daily except mondays
  • local seasonal produce
  • 3 choices each meal

island's best cuisine

Our outstanding kitchen is manned by our creative chef Mark who spends his days preparing dinner meals – there are 3 choices of appetizers, main courses and homemade desserts.   We use local, in season produce, fresh fish and seafood – Boipeba´s specialties – octopus, crab, lobster and shrimp – international flavors and local kitchen know-how, making our restaurant one of the highlights of your visit to Boipeba.  



Getting There

an unusual spot

These are not real swimmers sunning at the beach and this is not a real gecko on the prowl - just some of the surprises waiting for you at Santa Clara. 

Tel +55 (75) 3653 6085

surprises await you

Here is a map of the coast of Brazil. Access is difficult but you´ll be rewarded once you arrive. We can send private vehicles to pick you up in Salvador or in Ilhéus.  You can take a small plane directly from Salvador to the landing strip in front of Boipeba, from where you'll be taken across the river to the pousada in a small speedboat. There are three flights daily from Salvador - 8:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:30 pm - and we can reserve seats for you on those planes. Public transportation is also an option from Salvador, or you can choose some private and some public transportation; your budget will dictate your choice. The trip will take you the better part of a day from Salvador, on the ferry from São Joaquim to Bom Despacho, Itaparica, and then bus or taxi overland to Valença or small ports close by.  There is local boat service downriver and we can also send speedboats to pick you up at any time.  Write an e-mail info@santaclaraboipeba.com  or call 75.3653-6085, and speak to Charles or Mark, and we can help you with transportation options, schedules, and prices.  We speak English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


The Santa Clara Family
a familia    

mark and charles

Charles and Mark

Gigil, Rose & Georgina

Silvinho, Mario & Pequeno

santa clara

Santa Clara





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